Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Storchenwiege Leo Rose wall, Storchenwiege Leo Marine floor, window made of Girasol Graphite, Zara Fresh, and Natibaby Delin Sky, Natibaby Bonsai curtain, table made of Warped and Wonderful Heartsong and Zara Chocco, Natibaby Shells and Kangaroos chairs, Girasol Amitola Azarfan and Puesta del Sol teacups, and Natibaby Notes teapot.

Lilypads and Ferris Wheels

Little Bug on the Lotus Pond
Girasol Puesta del Sol sunset, Inda Jani Tiil Naranja sun, Didymos Jan and Storchenwiege Leo Marine pond, Natibaby Ducks and Delin Sky ripples, Natibaby Shells and Bonsai lotuses, Ellevill Zara Fresh lilypad.

Ticket to Ride
Nati Delin sky, Ellevill Zara Fresh hill, Ellevill Zara Chocco dirt, Warped and Wonderful Heartsong and Natibaby Kangaroos ferris wheel base, ferris wheel clockwise from top: Girasol Amitola Azarfan, Natibaby Bonsai, Natibaby Ducks, Storchenwiege Leo Rose, Natibaby Shells, and Storchenwiege Leo Marine. Center of wheel is Natibaby Notes and Girasol Puesta del Sol.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



All wrap art scenes are from December 2013 through early May 2014. Woven wraps are listed below in each description, but if you need help identifying one, please let me know!

 Natibaby Delin Sky, Lenny Lamb Pistachio grass, Girasol Amitola Azarfan river, Girasol RR and Kechet scrap small candy canes, Mei Tai Baby panel and Girasol RR scrap small wrapped candies, Natibaby Notes licorice twist, Natibaby Shells and Kangaroos lollipops, Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion wrapped candy, Moby and Storchenwiege Leo large candy cane.

Carried Away
Natibaby Delin Sky, Maya Wrap ring sling sun, Girasol Amitola Azarfan kite, Natibaby Notes and Moby boats (with Girasol RR scrap sail), Storchenwiege Leo Marine and Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion ocean, Natibaby Shells and Natibaby Kangaroos beach.

Storchenwiege Leo Marine

 Fishing for Rainbow Trout
 Natibaby Delin sky, Natibaby Shells sun, Girasol Amitola Azarfan rainbow, Lenny Lamb Pistachio grass, Natibaby Ducks and Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion pond, Girasol RR scrap rainbow trout, Natibaby Kangaroos and Storchenwiege Leo Marine boat.

Singing in the Rain
Lenny Lamb Pistachio grass, Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion puddle, Girasol RR scrap umbrella.

Gung Hay Fat Choy
Natibaby Shells tree branch, Mei Tai Baby panel and Girasol RR and Kechet scrap lanterns, Storchenwiege Leo marine sky, Lenny Lamb Pistachio grass, Natibaby Delin Sky river. Dragon: Girasol Amitola Azarfan body, Natibaby Kangaroos and Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion head, Mei Tai Baby panel and wrap scrap spikes.

Laundry Day
Natibaby Delin Sky, Natibaby Shells sun, Lenny Lamb Pistachio grass, Girasol Amitola Azarfan laundry basket, and Sling Ring basket handles. Hanging laundry from left to right: Oscha Shui Long Clover, Natibaby Notes, Girasol Northern Lights Connecta, Oscha JK Valentine. Laundry in basket: Natibaby Kangaroos, Moby, Wrapsody Bali Breeze Orion, Storchenwiege Leo Marine. Baby is holding Natibaby Ducks.

A Day at the Races
Natibaby Delin Sky, Moby and Didymos Indio Mocca tree, Natibaby Shells sun, Ellevill Zara Fresh grass, and Girasol Graphite road. Cars are clockwise from top: Storchenwiege Leo Marine, Girasol Amitola Azarfan, Natibaby Notes, Natibaby Ducks, Natibaby Kangaroos.

Gone Fishing (all Didymos)
Indio Mocca tree and Jan river, Jack wrap scrap fish, and Indio Porrhino and Ecru Pfau wrap scrap birds.


Warped and Wonderful Heartsong background, Girasol Northern Lights, Natibaby Notes and Natibaby Kangaroos gumball machine (with Oscha Nouveau Raven and Natibaby Fumus scraps). Gumballs are Natibaby Delin Sky, Natibaby Shells, Storchenwiege Leo Marine and Rose, Ellevill Zara Fresh, Girasol Amitola Azarfan, Girasol Graphite, Didymos Indio Mocca, Didymos Jan, Natibaby Ducks, and Girasol Amitola Purpura.

Noah's Ark
Natibaby Delin Sky, Girasol Amitola Azarfan rainbow, Natibaby Kangaroos, Natibaby Shells, and Didymos Indio Mocca ark, Storchenwiege Leo marine, Natibaby Ducks, and Didymos Jan ocean. Animals are Ellevill Zara Fresh rabbit, Storchenwiege Leo Rose pelican, Girasol Graphite cat, and Girasol Puesta Del Sol turkey. Baby's headdress is Girasol RR scrap.

 Hungry Little Caterpillar
Storchenwiege Leo Marine and Rose and Girasol Puesta del Sol sky, Didymos Indio Mocca and Natibaby Kangaroos tree branch, Ellevill Zara Fresh leaf, and caterpillar made of Natibaby Bonsai, Girasol Amitola, Natibaby Delin Sky, Natibaby Shells, and Warped and Wonderful Heartsong.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Wonderful World of Woven Wraps

I will never forget my entry into the wonderful world of woven wraps. As an artist, I was completely enamored with the many colors, patterns, and fabric blends available, and I quickly became an enthusiast. Before my son was even born, I had churned a Bjorn, Kelty, and Ergo and saved up my money for my very first woven wrap, Natibaby Kangaroos (which is never, ever leaving). 

My son entered the world on July 16, 2013, and, a few weeks later, I began wrapping him in what I liked to refer to as my "second womb". Soon I was itching for more wraps to cuddle him in. I joined the babywearing swap groups on Facebook and slowly built my collection by selling old things I didn't use anymore, marketing my artwork, and starting an Etsy shop where I sell wrap scrap goodies (links included below for anyone interested).

When my son was 3 months old I started to notice that my wrap collection was elemental. I saw earth, water, sky...and that's when my love of babywearing and my passion for art collided. I created my first wrap scene "stash shot" and now I am thoroughly hooked. Thanks for following along on my wrap art journey!