Monday, June 23, 2014

June Creations

Out for a Stroll
Barbara's Weave and Wear sky, Inda Jani Tiil Naranja sun, houses from left to right are Natibaby Delin Sky, Natibaby Blue Ducks, Natibaby Shells, Quiet Storytellers handwoven, Ellevill Zara Chocco, Natibaby Bonsai, Storchenwiege Leo Rose, Girasol Amitola Azarfan, Girsol Puesta del Sol, Storchenwiege Leo Marine, Natibaby Kangaroos, Natibaby notes. Ellevill Zara Fresh grass, Girasol Graphite sidewalk, Pavo Gotham Slate road. Windows are various wrap scraps. 

Little Schattebout 
("Darling" in Dutch- my Beppe's nickname for me growing up)
Barbara's Weave and Wear sky, windmill made of Ellevill Zara Chocco, Girasol Graphite, and Natibaby Kangaroos, Ellevill Zara Fresh hill/grass, tulips are clockwise from top left- Natibaby Bonsai, Natibaby Shells, Girasol Puesta del Sol, Natibaby Delin Sky, Girasol Amitola Azarfan, and Storchenwiege Leo Rose. Pond is Storchenwiege Leo, and boat is Quiet Storytellers handwoven.

Give me the Scoop
Natibaby Kangaroos and Moby swirls, Storchenwiege Leo Marina and Warped and Wonderful Heartsong backdrop, Natibaby shells cone, and ice cream scoops from top to bottom are Girasol Amitola Azarfan, Natibaby Delin Sky, Storchenwiege Leo Rose, Inda Jani Tiil Naranja, Girasol Puesta del Sol, Natibaby Bonsai, Ellevill Zaras Fresh and Chocco.

Early Bird
Storchenwiege Leo Marine and Girasol Puesta del Sol sky, Inda Jani Tiil Naranja sun, Ellevill Zara Fresh grass, Ellevill Zara Chocco and Natibaby Kangaroos tree, Girasol Graphite and Natibaby Notes nest, Girasol Amitola Azarfan baby bird wings, and mama bird is made of Natibaby Shells, Bonsai, Delin Sky, and Pond with Storchenwiege Leo Rose in the tail feathers.

Friday, June 13, 2014

IndieGoGo is LIVE!

If you have ever mentioned interest in a compilation of all of my wrap scenes, please consider supporting the project. There are some great perks to be snagged, including a copy of the first run of this full color paperback book.

Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement as I continue to create small wonderlands for my baby boy.