Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Surf's Up- Natibaby Style

Ever wondered which brand of woven wrap is my favorite? Now you know! About half of my collection is made up of various blends of Natibaby wraps (, so I decided to put together a scene made entirely of the brand. When the days of wearing my little guy are over, the other half of my stash will go on to new homes and new babywearing adventures, but my Natibaby collection will be transformed into keepsakes for me and my son.
Delin Sky- sky
Bubbles Turquoise and Blue Ducks- ocean
Wine Hemp Balloons- surfboard 
Luna doll RS and Notes and Jaffy scraps- boat
Tulips- island
Notes- coconuts
Green Hemp Clovers- palms
Kangaroos- tree trunk
Milky Way Violet scrap- beach towel