Monday, September 22, 2014

Ho-Yun Dreams of Sushi

California roll anyone? I had an immense craving for sushi a few nights ago but all of the local joints were closed. What's a mama to do? Dream of sushi, and create a new scene for the little guy while he happily sleeps.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Falling into Autumn

It's about that time of year again! My favorite season, filled with color and beauty.
Storchenwiege Leo Marine sky, Pavo Gotham Marble moon, Ellevill Zara Chocco tree, Girasol Amitola hill, Tekhni Ceres Absinthe grass, Natibaby Notes and Pavo Gotham Slate house, Natibaby Tulips and Kangaroos and Didymos Indio Sun pumpkins.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Riding the Rails

It's been a busy and chaotic end to the summer, so I felt like doing a more tranquil scene. What I wouldn't give to hop on a train and chug through some peaceful, snow capped mountains! Oh, and see the conductor's pocket watch? It's displaying the time he was born, just for fun.
Natubaby Delin Sky, Wrapsody Alyssa mountains, Pavo Gotham Marble snow, Tekhni Ceres Absinthe meadow, Natibaby Ducks river, Ellevill Zara Chocco track. Train cars and their cargo from left to right: Natibaby Shells and Oscha Roses Kona, Pavo Gotham Slate and Girasol Amitola, Natibaby Notes and Storchenwiege Leo Rose, Storchenwiege Leo Marine and Didymos Indio Sun, and Natibaby Kangaroos. Quiet Storytellers HW smoke stack and Girasol RR scrap at the front.